Why donate to alonetone?

Alonetone is free, non-commercial, ad-free and open source.

It runs on love. It will always be this way.

However, running it *does* cost money. Some folks have been asking about giving back.

At first I always said "I don't want your money!" and "I want alonetone to be money-free!"....but then I realized some folks really want to help out, to chip in their fare share, and feel some ownership. After all, this isn't only my home. This is your home, and if you want to chip in to the running costs, it's appreciated.

How much does alonetone cost Sudara?

alonetone hosting currently costs around $250/month. Broken down that is $80/month for app hosting and about $170/month for hosting and delivering the music files (amazon s3).

Additionally, there are the services of our designer, who I pay fairly more often than not.

(I happily donate my hours spent on support and development because I believe in us having a non-commerical place to share our music.)

Ok, I wanna donate!

We accept all Major Credit Cards and Paypal.

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