looking for songwriter/ vocalist

May I know the genre?
Great compositions that you have there.

Hannah Montana is Back


Miley finally found her way home, I found my new track therapy.

Prescription Accounts

I would have to agree with you in some ways, ads should be related to the topic on the different website. But it’s not how it works on digital marketing as they are earning money through it.

Shards of a Broken Ship in a Bottle

Is it just me or I found the background music as creepy???

Musician Website Central

What an interesting group you have there for the aspiring singers.

Could use some fresh Ears

Sorry, but I can’t find it on your profile.

Boyce Avenue is Love

Starting my day with the version of Boyce Avenue’s Chained to the Rhythm. Some of his rendition are way better than the originals.



Hi everyone, my name is Alexa and I am new in this interesting community. I really to sing, and its been my childhood dream to become a rockstar.