another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide

from mexico beach - home of the industrial-sized mosquito

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Rock Lobster
Rock Lobster said

Okay… I wasn’t expecting that at all! Reminiscent of thriller bUT if old Micheal Jackson had a out of wedlock child with the band “Say Anything” … DIG IT?

peppermint sky
peppermint sky said

Absolute classic. Infectious and brilliant.

Very vicious ear worm though.

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Guest said

Ok, I have to agree. How are you two? Long time, it has been. Lyndell aka FFOJ.

Johnny Stone
Johnny Stone said

This is cool

Nightmoth said

Funky! What a fine groove! Excellent – Funk on!

Merry Bear
Merry Bear said

Ha ha! Fabulous! Rock on!

Edmonds Makes Noise
Edmonds Makes Noise said

Dis some frank zappa funkkkk I really like your audio mix too

Justin Otter Guy
Justin Otter Guy said

Far too groovy – Rock on!

Gene Eric Mann
Gene Eric Mann said

Ha ha! Great lyrics! Rock on!


I write spiritual songs myself, please check them out.

oldbohemia said

HAHA! Amazing song with true story lyrics :D

Soundsmith Kamachi
Soundsmith Kamachi said

This is an awesome song!

Movement To Contact
Movement To Contact said

Well this is nuts… i love this song and thought i faved it long ago…oh well free chance to Fav it again!!!!

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Guest said

cute, spike jones, tom waits and reflective all at once

Alex said

Hilarious! Outrageous! And very witty! Sweet!

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Guest said

LOL love it!

Richard L. Aceves
Richard L. Aceves said

very cool sentiment,,,love the choir backing your story,, very cool idea,, r

Cave Street
Cave Street said

Dig it!

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Guest said

Provocation inspirational, or mockery, suitable for ears accustomed to little things.

kirklynch said

Great! First time I’ve heard the final mixes. This is a fave for sure

James Michael Taylor
James Michael Taylor said

Love the laughter. The funky rawness.

Justin Otter Guy
Justin Otter Guy said

I sooooo love this! You ROCK! Rock on!

Richard Hardrick
Richard Hardrick said


Richard Hardrick
Richard Hardrick said

Always and forever my fav!!!

ravencrowe said

im flyinggg..i put this on auto replay while im puffing some clouds..up and away to the sky..thank u for the vibe man..i love this..

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Guest said

omg.its been awhile since the last visit..i love the vibes in this..great work great song..far out man

Robert Palomo
Robert Palomo said

Well, to a simple banjo player it’s kinda like gettin’ caught in a metal hailstorm. But it rocks, and the lyric snarls. I like it.

Songs From Nowhere Project
Songs From Nowhere Project said

That’s awesome!

Songs From Nowhere Project
Songs From Nowhere Project said

I like it! Awesome music, great great great lyrics! Well done!

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Guest said

Lots of fun! Great music and super vocal Wendy.
Cheers Bethan