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Speak up if something isn't working. Also, check out our how-tos if you are having trouble with something basic.

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Read all about alonetone: Features, ideas, praise, etc
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We can haz your creativity? Come talk to us. We're not a company with investors, we're musicians who need you to talk and tell us what you want alonetone to become.

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Read Making Music
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Yup. Music. Talk about the process of making it, what you love, what you struggle with, cool stuff you find, toys, etc.

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Read Track Therapy
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Beats got the blues? Uncertain about that vocal take? Want some ears on your mix? Hit us up, Dr. alonetone has your prescription.

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Read TogetherTone
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We are all connected - if by nothing else by a series of tubes. Talk about collaboration here.

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Go nuts.

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