Laptop Purchase Help Please!

Laptop Purchase Help Please!

Hi All,

I have Sonar 5 and a very small Behringer mixer, which I used to use to connect to my P.C to do my recordings. My P.C is now broken, and long gone, but I haven’t replaced it, as I want to use a laptop instead of a P.C to run this, and don’t know what to buy.

I know Sonar 5 can be run on a laptop, and just wondered if anyone had any suggestions of a low cost laptop (budget is small)suitable for this. I am not looking for major professional results - that’s not me, I’m a 50 year old amateur that just enjoys this for a hobby.

I haven’t recorded anything now for 18 months, and am really missing it now, and would like to get going again.

I live in the UK and any help or advice anyone can give me would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you!