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A good stout and Doug Sparling.

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Hi Mia. Your only option here is to comment on one of their songs, click the “make private” box if you only want them to see it.
Welcome to Alonetone. Join our Facebook group if you like. You have a wonderful voice!

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The clip on youtube of Kashmir is awesome. On my Christmas list!

Top 5 Features alonetone is missing - What are yours?

FB allows BC and SC to run their apps on FB, I’m sure there’s a business relationship there.

Top 5 Features alonetone is missing - What are yours?

That used to be the case Jeff, up until about six or so months ago. I think this may be more of a FB issue/restriction.

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Thanks Mr. S and Sandbags. Alonetone continues to rock!

First Impressions of Alonetone...

Welcome Michael!
Newcomers here always seem to decry the “genrelessness” of the site, and I understand. It is human nature to want to label everything. Personally, I like all types of music except opera and rap, so I’m open to alot of diverse styles of music. Eventually you get over it, and when you play the front page or the random radio, it always surprises the ear, which you might not get if you narrow your filter to a specific type of music.
This subject was discussed to death a few years ago here: http://alonetone.com/forums/all-about-alonetone-features-ideas-praise-etc/topics/allow-music-to-be-browsed-into-genres?page=1

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Not sure where to go with this. THis account needs to be deleted please.