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Again, could someone please delete this guy and his plumber ads? Anyone listening?

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AArrrggh!! Now Lawyers! Destroy!

Are Audio Books Allowed?

I’m not the authority here, but as long you’re not selling anything or making those annoying radio spots, I’m ok with that.

Still can't Favourite anything :-(

Yeah much better here. You rock Mr. S!

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And yet another..please get rid of this guy


How is the weather?

A good stout and Doug Sparling.

How to answer a comment

Hi Mia. Your only option here is to comment on one of their songs, click the “make private” box if you only want them to see it.
Welcome to Alonetone. Join our Facebook group if you like. You have a wonderful voice!

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Here’s another adwhore



Celebration day

The clip on youtube of Kashmir is awesome. On my Christmas list!

Top 5 Features alonetone is missing - What are yours?

FB allows BC and SC to run their apps on FB, I’m sure there’s a business relationship there.