Vote for JMT!

Our own James Michael Taylor has been nominated in the Fort Worth Music Awards in the Texas Music Category! Way to go James! Stop by and vote for him!

Top 5 Features alonetone is missing - What are yours?

Kind of a sore subject here at alonetone, Hex. But you might try entering your genre/label/category/whatever in the “about” tab when you upload. People can do a search on that keyword and it might pull you up. Keep up the good work.

Itunes Feature - praise.

I’m with you on the radio spots and ads. The sermons I don’t mind so much, I’ve sampled some of them for tunes!

Alonetone Facebook Group

Your welcome Will! It seemed a natural extension of this damn fine website.

Alonetone Facebook Group

I started one, and added a few folks, but come on over if you’re on FB. I posted a few photos from the “Impromptu Alonetone Convention” in Fort Worth at Salsa Fuego, which was great fun. Attending were myself, Bethan Mathis, Robert Nichols, Galileo’s Cough Drop, James Michael Taylor, and significant others and a friend.

Also this might simplify communications among Alonetoners, messaging thru FB instead of leaving comments here. Let me know what you think and come over and join us, and post music, thoughts, whatever!

RPM 2012 Social Club

Thanks Gary, and congratulations on what I think is your best album yet. And much gratitude to you, Mick and others at RPM for being an impetus and inspiration every year!

RPM 2012 Social Club

Yep Greg. This is my fifth year to do RPM, and I’d lost enthusiasm for the challenge for various reasons, and it showed in the quality and production of the album. Although I got quite a bit of positive feedback (thanks yawl!), I know I’ve done much better (last years' John the Resonator, for instance). My modus operandi was to do each song using under 4 tracks, just acoustic guitar, using the same mic and mic placement, mastering setting, etc. to keep it as simple as possible. This one also had more improvisation than my past albums, which may or may not have helped, and the overall length was too short (maybe a good thing!). I haven’t even bothered burning copies for friends, I figured if they really want to hear it, it’s here at alonetone, as well as soundcloud.

RPM 2012 Social Club

Not a ghost town now. A flood of music is coming in from the RPM Challenge completions. I just wish some of the folks who upoad here once a year would show themselves more often (Mac?).

Why aren't MILLIONS listening?

Let’s keep this our little secret shall we?

RPM 2012 Social Club

I recorded most of #8 last night (I think it still needs some percussion). This was the ditty I had held in reserve in case I dried up, and it turned out really well. I’ve decided not to post it until next month, post-Challenge. Need to come up with two more and get this thing over with. I still have the imprvoFriday mash album to complete, which should be very easy with all the great talent over there. My hope to also do an iOS electronic album is fading fast.