Keith Landry

Keith Landry

Collecting (2017)

7 tracks by Keith Landry

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This playlist includes the seven tracks from the this year's RPM album "Collecting - The Zero Sled and Other Near-Death Experiences." Curious to see if the songs stand up on their own without their related tales.


Stone From the Ocean (2016)

11 tracks by Keith Landry

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The first fully arranged studio album in years with incredible contributions from Liam Byrne (drums), Brian Martin (bass), Jessica Landry (vocals), Brian Mooney (piano), and Andy Samford (guitar)


Apples Fall Far (2016)

11 tracks by Keith Landry

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Just a simple acoustic album. What my guitar sounds like all by itself.


Space Is Big (2015)

10 tracks by Keith Landry

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The debut album for the Landry girls - the real musical talent in the Landry Family. Take care of the planet, y'all. Space is big. Seriously.


Objects in the Mirror (2014)

10 tracks by Keith Landry

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This year's RPM Challenge album. I kept it simple this year. Just me and my guitar and another year in the life.


Just as Well (2013)

10 tracks by Keith Landry

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An album that started as a simple singer-songwriter effort and evolved (with the help of many brilliant musicians) into what you hear today.


Letters (RPM 2012 live) (2012)

10 tracks by Keith Landry

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One mic, one instrument, one voice. All live. Recorded in an effort to capture the essence of the songs and the importance of the words.


Burning Wood (The Bonfire Sessions) (2011)

12 tracks by Keith Landry

The burning wood 10 cover large

My fifth studio album (and most ambitious), Burning Wood was recorded in an effort to assemble musical colleagues around the virtual bonfire for an acoustic recording session...... "Living free feels so good... Like it should... Burning Wood."


Late December (2011)

12 tracks by Keith Landry

White late december album cover large

This year's RPM album, recorded with help from some incredibly talented musicians... "Late December... Nights get so long, turning embers in the dark before dawn."