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Plays and comments not showing?

I had this same issue about two years ago, and it’s possible I’m just not getting any new listeners, but there haven’t been any updates in latest listens or comments since the beginning of the month, which is odd, usually there’s something. Wondering if something got stuck errr what. Thanks much.

looking for songwriter/ vocalist

May I know the genre?
Great compositions that you have there.

Prescription Accounts

sings, in three-part harmony

“Four-hour boner dot commmm”

Hannah Montana is Back

Miley finally found her way home, I found my new track therapy.

Prescription Accounts

I would have to agree with you in some ways, ads should be related to the topic on the different website. But it’s not how it works on digital marketing as they are earning money through it.

Prescription Accounts

I see all these user accounts popping up on AloneTone advertising prescription drugs.

Since this is a music site, it would be nice if they would at least post some music about the drug that they are promoting.

Why can’t they do a Cialis jingle? Or some Viagra death metal?

looking for songwriter/ vocalist

I could take a stab at it. Listening to ‘Spectrum’, it does feel like it would accommodate lyrics well.

Shards of a Broken Ship in a Bottle

Is it just me or I found the background music as creepy???

Shards of a Broken Ship in a Bottle

Littering my workspace now, on top of all the other conflicting elements, are shards of a broken ship in a bottle, obscured by clouds.

I’m struggling mostly with the “Gestalt” theory of the evolution of the artistic process. “Gestalt” is German, I believe; and embodies the spirit of “the Whole is Greater than the Sum of it’s Parts”, which I learned much earlier in my life but have never really gone to great lengths to explore.

But in this day and age of unlimited ( virtually ) recording time & unlimited hard drive space, it’s been hard for me to nail things down. On this track, “Three Way Tie for Last,” I decided to limit the length of the track to seven-and-a-half minutes, which helps reign things in from the problems I had recording the “Knockin’ Boots with the Two-Bit Grifter Sisters” full-length L.P.

Basically, though, I’m running into production problems nailing down the number of instruments allowed, the number of takes of each instrument, grouping & rendering sets of tracks into stereo mixdowns, and basically all the major problems you can expect when there is no upper limit to the amount of Stem mixes you end up with, and it just seems like now, there’s an insistent need for me to lay down “just one more reverse-reverbed cymbal track”, or “I know; let’s try muting the guitar that we thought was so great & give it another listen”, kinds of issues.

Will I ever sweep up the shards? Your guess is as good as mine. Will I ever find another pillow as good as the pillow I kissed good night at the end of “Three Way Tie for Last?” Who knows. Will I ever find another bottle to put the ship in? Or maybe the next bottle will already have a ship in it. Hmm…