About "I Want My Loving Back"

i want to start to feel real
This old heart mine has had nothing but bad times
Every time i think i got it made
By christ it all goes wrong again
yeah Everything goes wrong and i’m left singing this sad song
i want to feel some love
running right through my soul
i don’t want the same old story ,cause God i’m getting old, iOh i feel sold

that last women took my heart, burned me right down to ash
but i feel so lonely i’d take her back
I feel so lonely i think i’d take her back

Although i’d be a fool

i should get on the road
Find out where i belong
get someones love for real and no longer sing these sad, these sad sad songs

i want to feel it
down deep in my soul
and if i feel it, babe
i will never let it go
i will be there for them ,ill never run from it .till i’m put in the hole
i want my loving back
i want my loving back
i want to feel it run through my bones
i want it to run through my blood deep into my soul

i wake up cold every morning
with no-one by my side
i pull back the curtains
but theres alway clouds and no sunrise

i feel like i should die

all i want is to get it back
i want to get my loving back
i tell you
i want it back
i tell you
i want my loving back

Everyday i’m alone
i’ve started to feel so cold
i don’t speak to no one
round in circles i go

I just want my loving to come back

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