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Ramen Music is Live. Submissions wanted.

- posted by Sudara on July 22, 2010 - 16 comments -

After months of hard work, I’m excited to say Ramen Music has launched today and is ready for the world. This has been a dream of mine for over 6 years.

I could explain everything here, but instead I’ll just let you go check it out:


We’re currently accepting track submissions. We pay out a flat $125 per accepted track. The first Issue launches in September. I would be honored to have any and all alonetoners submit!

The quality of music here at alonetone is the #1 reason why I decided to move forward and start Ramen Music. alonetone has blown me away and convinced me we can do this.

Also, Subscriptions to Ramen Music are open, with a special “Investor” plan available for a limited time (gives you a lifelong subscription in return for you helping to kick-start the project). If you’ve ever wanted to give back to alonetone, this is your chance. The more subscribers that sign up, the more we can pay artists. Spread the word!

Enjoy and thanks for your support and music,


Ps: Meanwhile in alonetone news: We’re working on redoing the anti-spam system. You might have noticed some comments take forever to go through. It’s because of our anti-spam partner, so we’re looking at ways to make this problem go away.

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Guest said

Kudos on the launch! It looks great, and I'm definitely looking forward to the first issue! Now, to scrounge up some digital dollars ;)

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Guest said

Congratulations, Sudara! Kudos indeed! I am going busking so that I can subscribe as an investor. Really well done, Sir! x

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

very very sup cool! Great idea!

another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide said

clap clap clap ;)

Definitely looking good, Mr. S! And now, the wait begins... ;) k&w

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Guest said

Love the logo...so fitting for us closet musicians.

Wildgeas Music

Wildgeas Music said

Oh Boy!!!! You can count on me.

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Guest said

Tremendously satisfying, fulfilling a dream. Congratulations on seeing it through and I wish you the very best of luck.


Sudara said

Thanks for the well wishes! Get those submissions in, and please be sure to tell your music friends about it. We have a waiting audience, now we just need a handful of great music :)

Rob and Laura

Rob and Laura said

Very excited for this. A happy subscriber and submitter, here (although I hope that's not misunderstood as a conflict of interest, or, worse yet, a bribe!)


Sudara said

@Rob and Laura

Thanks! Submission sounds great, really happy you submitted.

And no bribes/conflicts perceived! It's actually fairly tough, as I have friends/family that may be submitting too. At the end of the day, it just comes down to the music and what works!


Will I Ram

Will I Ram said

Awesome, I've already told another musician about this and more promoting this thing to other musicians of course. Cheers.



Just came across the site. Wonderful!
Anticipating more greatness...


Sudara said

Thanks everyone who submitted so far!

Just a note, we're especially interested in instrumentals and electronic stuff, which we've basically received 0 of so far. If you are doing singery-songwritery stuff, that's cool too, there is still room.

2 weeks to go if you want to make it in Issue #01...


Steve Moyes

Steve Moyes said

Argh, I just found this blog post (via Twitter). Am I too late? Would love to have submitted an instrumental track.

Anyway, good luck with Ramen Music!


cycleflight said

I'm glad I checked out the blog... this site looks incredible! Just reading through the FAQ I had a huge smile on my face, thinking yeah, yeah! YEAH!

As soon as I can scrape it you've got a lifetime subscriber. Great work!

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Guest said


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