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Kiss the Womenfolks Babies

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Just in time for the big 2012 election!

Just me and me banjo.

Inspired by a story my journalist daughter in Moscow just published. She was too small when we moved to Russia to remember that politicians shaking hands and kissing babies has become a cliche in American politics. She had found a photo of one of the candidates and a baby and thought it was so goofy… I set her straight that the guy HAD to kiss babies if he wanted to stand a chance. She went a looked up the history of the tradition and and everything.

THIS IS VERSION 2 - some revisions thanks to my brother David.

If you want to get elected
To high political office (You gotta)
Shake the menfolks’ hands
Kiss the womenfolks’ babies
Even if they’re grubby little mullets
Carryin’ the plague and rabies
Ya gotta shake the menfolks’ hands
And kiss the womenfolks’ babies

Now there’ve been politicians
Got it all wrong in their head
They forgot about the babies
Kissed the womenfolk instead
They should of stuck to raisin’
Big campaign contributions
Shakin’ the menfolks’ hands
And kissin’ the womenfolks’ babies

Being informed on the issues
It’s a secondary skill
Most voters couldn’t give a damn
And probably never will
So when ya hit the campaign trail
Take a pocketful of tissues
And go shake the menfolks’ hands
And kiss the womenfolks’ babies

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JamesRaimondi's avatar
JamesRaimondi said

This is solid. Your voice is perfect for this style. Clever writing to boot.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Another GREAT video!

What is this I don't even's avatar
What is this I don't even said

Today, I was in the mood for banjo, so I listened to this track and thoroughly enjoyed it!

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

Gave me a good grin, good pickin’

What is this I don't even's avatar
What is this I don't even said

I second the appreciation for the banjo warning. (Full disclosure: this means I haven’t listened to it yet… but I will, when I’m in the mood for banjo!) I’m going to follow suit and put warning labels on my own tracks.

Guest said

Hello, Robert. Good to smile and hear the banjo on alonetone! excellent tune

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

I love it Robert! Your song is like a breath of fresh air. Well done my friend! The banjo sounds fantastic, and by the way, I thought the “BANJO WARNING” WAS A NICE TOUCH.

Guest said

..nice banjo playing, Robert..