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Turkey's Lament

Uploaded just in time for the American Thanksgiving holiday, this is a kids song that can also be appreciated by the grownup crowd.

Written by my brother David who has a real knack for this sort of songwriting. It’s our first long-distance collaboration. MORE ON MY BLOG…

David Palomo - acoustic guitar, lead vocal
Robert Palomo - plectrum banjo, GarageBand, backing vocals

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Robert Palomo said

A newly mastered rendition to wish my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

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Greg Connor said

This one was a treat. I’ll be thinking of “Turkey’s Lament” on Thursday when I say

“Please pass the Tur….potatoes”

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G-no said

how bout a Russian living in Mexico playing a balalaika in a mariachi band drinking tequila & married to Joesph Macarthy’s daughter. That would be weirder. Before I read your profile I thought this Russian sounds more American then Hank Williams Jr. Fun song. Do you ever wonder why you hardly see any brothers playing the blues on the banjo. That would be interesting don’t you think ?

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terrysongs said