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A Year And A Day

Robert Palomo

This nonsense rhyme by English poet Edward Lear is one of my earliest childhood memories. I’ve kind of turned it into a slightly piratical sounding sea shanty. I hope Mr. Lear would not take it amiss.

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stoman said

I’m 100% sure that way more people like (or even love) your music than you will ever know. Most people who listen to it on the Internet simply don’t Feedback, because - who is not always in a hurry these days?

Anyways, I think you are an extremely talented folk musician, and you write and perform very nice, catchy songs.

Robert Palomo said

I played this in Harwich, Essex England at an informal gathering of festival artists and local maritime music enthusiasts and they loved it. For me to get to play that song in that place for such people and have them like it was one of the greatest of many great experiences I’ve had playing music over the years.

Greg Connor said

Outstanding Robert! You truly have created your own sound and fit it perfectly to Edward Lear.

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