Robert Palomo

Robert Palomo

from St. Petersburg, RU

About "Ballad of Shillelagh O'Toole (clip)"

Styled after the classic sea songs of yesteryear, here’s a salt-flavored ballad about an old orange-haired pirate who’s proud of his big “shillelagh”, who abuses women, who wreaks havoc among travelers from many nations, and who sinks perfectly sound ships for fun and profit, aided and abetted by a corrupt and soulless crew. (If you want to go reading other things into that – well, that’s your business!)

The twisted marauder, Ireland’s cruelest pirate, wreaks blackthorn havoc upon the high seas until one fateful day when he meets a man whose shillelagh is bigger than his. Herein lies a Karmic life lesson to which certain People in High Places these days would do well to pay heed.

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