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Cabin Boy (Studio Version)

Robert Palomo

Thickened from my original concept of banjo and voices only. I may still like that version more, but the big shanty choir I perform with wanted to do it and I needed to arrange it with parts for banjo AND accordion (!!!) plus a whistle. No bass in the group, but as a former bass player I couldn’t resist. I hope the group will debut it at the big Sea Music festival in Saint Petersburg later this summer, or of not then, at the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta in Sochi this fall.

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stoman said

I don’t know the sparser version, but I really like this one!

Greg Connor said

High Fidelity recording. Yes that’s true, but I came back for another listen because of the humor and presentation!

Greg Connor said

Lots of texture and character, as usual, in your music. A real treat to listen to.

Colleen Dillon said

Just love your music. Beautiful vocals!

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