Robert Palomo

Robert Palomo

from St. Petersburg, RU

About "Hoist the Jolly Roger"

Sorry I was so busy with my International Talk Like a Pirate Day live show and website update that I’m a day late getting my pirate song uploaded.

This song was directly inspired by the presidential election process of the United States of America. Why have we turned pirates into romantic heroes? I did my homework on them before writing this song. Pirates were truly really evil scum! The only thing that’s really changed since the old days is that the really big pirates are found on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. rather than on sailing ships.

So I tried really hard not write a song that romanticizes pirates. And I failed. I wrote one more damn song that romanticizes pirates after all!! What is it about those guys that they always come out smelling like a rose. Them and politicians?

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