Robert Palomo

Robert Palomo

from St. Petersburg, RU

About "Immigrant Ship (Or 10,000 Miles Away)"

The classic English sea song revisited with new lyrics inspired by Dr. Ben Carson and his assertion about African slaves being immigrants with dreams of happiness and prosperity in a new land. I don’t care how you pray or what your politics are, but that man should know better and stop acting like a fruitcake.

My true love she was beautiful,
My true love she was fair;
Her skin was lovely chocolate
And curly was her hair.
And curly was her hair, my friends,
As the big ship left the bay
She said Oh shit! They’re taking me
Ten thousand miles away!

And sing - blow the winds high-o,
A-sailing we will go
We’ll stay no more on Africa’s shore
Just wasting life away, for…
We’re off on an Immigrant chain
And we won’t be back again
For we’re taking a trip
On an Immigrant ship
Ten thousand miles away

Oh warm and sunny was the day
When they dragged her like a keg,
She’d an immigrant band
Around each hand
And another one around each leg.
And another one around each leg, my lads,
As the big ship sailed away,
Now she’s chasing dreams of happiness
Ten thousand miles away.


Now me life seems dull on the African shore
Since they took that girl away
To a land of dreams and happiness
And pros-per-i-tay
Happiness and pros-per-i-tay
And a pretty lass to woo
I’m tellin’ yer, Jack, when those men come back
I’ll become an Immigrant too


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