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Waiting Out the Winter

Robert Palomo

Summers in northwest Russia are glorious and short. The night you wake up and hear the flocks of wild geese in the night, and the next day when you step out and see V after V of them heading south, you know it’s time to stock in some spirits, some extra banjo strings, and batten down the hatches for the long dark winter.

This year (2011) when the geese went over, this song happened.

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Latest Comments

Johnny Stone said

Nice one like it.

stoman said

I’m not often in the mood for traditional folk stuff, but when I am, your music has it all!

I love your songwriting, your playing skills, and especially your voice.

vaisvil said

Just beautifully done! You don’t sound very Russian - no country balalaikas ?


Guest said

A wintry delight!

Greg Connor said

I like it Robert. Makes me want to nestle in till Spring

Norm said

Some how it doesn’t seem as cold listening to this…

TurboShandy said

Nice! :)

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