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Who Knew (Studio Version)

Robert Palomo

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Well, my fans, such as they be (they be great, if few in numbers) encouraged me to “really” record this from Greg Connor’s songwriting challenge. So off into the Total Chaos studio I went, and now this is out on CD Baby (sales proceeds go to benefit Doctors Without Borders -

I think my 20-year sojourn in Russia is having some effect on me as an arranger. I got all the tracks down, with the solo played on different guitars. Didn’t like it. Struggled. Got nowhere. Then woke up one night at 3 a.m. thinking “accordion!”

As my conscious mind came awake it shrieked “NO! NO! ARE YOU NUTS? NOT THAT!!” But as I had nothing else, I tried the old accordion plugin. Damned if I didn’t kind of like it! It would be better with a button accordion played by someone like the Fausto Beccalossi (who plays with Al Di Meola). But Al is Al and I is me. And this is wot it is. Who knew? :-D


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Greg Connor said

I'm laughing out loud . . . We've had a lot of fun! Now I'm moving on to find your song about Horse Meat.

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Wildgeas Music said

Real professional Robert. I like it. Great mix man.

Guest said

Loved this the first time I heard it, still do.

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Greg Connor said

You got the touch Robert! This puts an instant smile on my face!

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