Robert Palomo

Robert Palomo

from St. Petersburg, RU

About "Widows on the Shore"

Where I live, International Women’s Day is a big holiday and has been for decades. I write in a genre where the traditional songs are pretty much BY men, FOR men, and ABOUT men. If they’re about women, it’s a certain sort o’ wimmen, if you gets me drift… and it’s not the right picture. It’s just what has survived since the old days. So a while back I wrote this sea shanty as a bit of a counter-ballast to tradition, so to speak.

This was the toughest audio production I’ve ever undertaken. Seemingly simple, with few tracks. But if anything could come out sounding like crap a need to be redone, it did. This is the 7th mix. More could be fixed, but a) that’s always the case and you gotta stop somewhere, and b) I was overtaken by the holiday and wanted the single out.

So all you lady Alonetoners out there - this one’s for you.

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