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Lockdown Orchestrations 3 ‘Mysteria’

Paul Matthews

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OK, so episode 3 of my Lockdown Orchestrations series….a different feel this time from the full-on epic trailer style from 1 & 2, perhaps?

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah. This is my favourite one so far. OR... it's the one that fitted my mood best at the time I decide to listen to it? :)

Guest said

I have a mental picture of John Luke Picard cruising through the blackness of space infinity on board the Enterprise . He taps his communicator badge and says .........."SOMEONE TURN THAT BLOODY RADIO OFF!" Nah, seriously sounding very good . I like it sir

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Colleen Dillon said

Beautiful!!!! Truly... I love the hopeful change at about 1:20. Very uplifting

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