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For my field recordings I am always looking for interesting sounds and noises. After recording I search for melodies and rhythms to use in my tracks. I pick up the found melodies or tonal parts in the tracks and mix them with suitable synthetic sounds. Drumloops are usually not built up from single sounds, but I use the found rhythm from the recordings. This is also the case with this track, the drum loop is from a garbage compactor recording.
The tonal part at the beginning of the track comes from the recording of a tram and a crossover.
While I was working on the track, NASA published so far withheld strange sound recordings of the Apollo 10 crew behind the moon. Parts of the dialogues of these I used in my track and these led me via the association “pigs in space” to my recordings in a pigsty. Some pigs from the recordings are immortalised as “flying doppler pigs” in the track, the pig smacking resulted in a great hihat figure and at some transitions in the track pig sounds can also be heard.
The vocals for this track are taken from the recordings of sellers at a weekly market and also gave the track its title.

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