How do I get my songs listed on iTunes?

Follow these simple steps, and you will get your very own podcast listed on iTunes. Each time you upload a track to alonetone, a new 'episode' appears on iTunes. People can subscribe and automatically receive your latest tunes. People can search the iTunes store and find you and your music.

Step 1: Submit your alonetone feed address to iTunes.

Wait, wait! There is a step 0: you need iTunes installed on your computer. Got it? Ready to go? Ok.

log in and we'll show you which link you should submit.

So the deal is that you want to paste the above link into iTunes. So, just do that. Click on the following link and paste the puppy in there. You'll get an email from iTunes saying the podcast was added and under review.

Click here to open the special "submit podcast" page in iTunes

Step 2: Wait (a few days)

After a few days have gone by, alonetone will get an email that your podcast is approved, with a link to your podcast. Note: You will not get any email or notification. Only alonetone gets notification.

After a few days have passed, search the store for your name. If you don't see yourself after a week, something is wrong: email so he can take a look at it for you.

Step 3: Plug the iTunes link back into alonetone

For extra credit, you'll want to edit your profile and put that link back into alonetone.

How do you find your link? Search for yourself in the iTunes store (remember, it will take a day or two). When you see a link to your podcast, right-click that link and you'll have the option to "Copy iTunes Store URL". Do it, and you'll be able to paste that magic link into alonetone. That will give you a nice direct link to iTunes from your "user bar" in alonetone. Log in to edit your profile now