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starting a meditation session after some guided meditation — all silent and alone in the dark eyes closed on bed— seeing colors and shapes on my eyelids — I get these visions of giant bugs maybe attacking me or talking to me then horses .. I sorta say the word horse and such — mutate the word and such — then back to the hummming and mmmmm-ing going on- I did say another word maybe or just a kinda sound like thing.

I have edited these sound and equalized up to hear the humming and vocalizations I am making–In the edit I use the sliding stretch effect with various sections of the audio taken from the 28 minute recording of me doing this– with layering and stereo work as the original source is a mono file from my phone- I have yet to have the chance to listen with headphones being away from my apartment and headphones..– but I am sure that the separation is excellent as a stereo effect —