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mountain motions 1

I did this in order to stretch it out about 20 times as long as it is and did just that but or should I say because I used a very low sample size for the sound I would get something similar to echo stretches just like a 2k size of sample in paulstretch. the video is a mix of these stretches packed together with the video program to fit the size of the video work.

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Guest said

brilliant electrofiasca!

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A Bit More Better Productions said


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newbold said

the actual stretch is like an hour and fifteen minutes the video production compressed that stretch :).. fyi..

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richardlaceves said

also,, really nice in the headphones

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richardlaceves said

a bit of electrical magic

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vaisvil said

the video gives the impression of galactic nebula super imposed on visceral human organic residues - this is a really unique video Bill.

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vaisvil said

much more effective with the video and stretch!

this looks so cool!!