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new creamed crop

by Newbold


stages of quarantine

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parts may hurt your ears. depending. guitar -> mxr superbadass fuzz -> red panda tensor -> tc electronics mimiq -> behinger audio interface -> cakewalk breverb -> sonitus delay -> your ears

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Ghostman said

that should be 'knob fiddler' not know fiddler.

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Ghostman said

how do you deal with your latency? I figured you for a know fiddler.

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Newbold said

OK I looked at this thinking --- 17 minute song.. well I will surf the net some.. do the fb thing.. but dag it is too intense for that.. it is that I needed to type about the song not surf.. --- yeah this is great.-excellent changes after echoes into new echoes well done. These high squeeks are like splintering thru the effects of the delays ,, really then into the dronesk like dreamings.. Incredible (I added that word to my dictionary = Dronesk)