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Total Title (1977)

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Thank you Greg, Colleen, and Andrew for your comments. I need to add a little more from that day so long ago.

The Battle for Layfayette Square were improvisational warm ups and cool downs for practicing this progressive rock attempt that clocks in at just over 23 minutes. This is with the same band: Antoinette plays keys, Anonymous plays drums, Evan is guitar left, Chris is vocals and guitar right which is generally more balanced here. This dates from September 1977 when I was a classical major and Antoinette a piano major. Evan was an engineering student, and sorry I can’t remember who was the drummer as we jammed with quite a few back then. This is the version where I wrote all of the music after the departure of a former keyboardist who wrote music for a couple sections. The lyrics, such they are, are mine.

Caution he cried
As a man stepped to the front
And he stopped
A gun, he died
As a man fell to the ground
And he stopped

Growing slowly with fear
Darkness is coming near
Trying to see the past
The future has gone too fast
Spinning inside a glass
Fiction and diction ran past
Trying to see the past
I’m aware at last

Collide with reality
and it takes your breath
brings you death
to stay, to stay

Slowly, quietly I see
A spark of humanity
Colors are rushing past me
In a cold vast sea

want to be free
and it makes you cry,
want to die
Oh why? Oh why?

Society’s mark is carved on your sweaty forehead
As you try to run away from what you dread
You’ve got to know, know who you are
Pay for your crime, arrested you in a local gay bar
You’ve run out of time,
You’ve run out of time!

Officer Olsen,
The prisoner’s been arraigned
The law he couldn’t escape
The psychiatrist
Said this man’s deranged

To society he couldn’t relate
Oh what a fate
He couldn’t relate
Couldn’t relate
Oh what a fate
Couldn’t relate

Courtroom silence
Jury casts fear
As the hanging man
Steps too near
A mercy to the boy
It appears
Death is laughing,
Laughing here

Is it a dream?
Will someone say it is?
I don’t understand,
It wasn’t me
It wasn’t me

Touch my hand,
Am I alive or dead?
I don’t believe it all
I pray I’m laying in bed
Laying In bed

I don’t
Want your ooo society!
You said I wasn’t in it anyway!
I don’t
Want your ooo reality!
I said it wasn’t me,
me that day!

Where were you?
Aloft in a cloud
How dared you?
It wasn’t too loud
My eyes close now
My body hangs free
But I am somehow
With no life, life, life, life
life to see
But I am!

Another world,
Another life
Had a baby
Didn’t need a wife

Patterns repeat
Life’s no thrill
As we walk
a military drill

Sidewalks sparkle with glittering stones
Causing life to find some other home
All I have doesn’t belong to me
Everyone is filled with hate and disease
Suicide jackals laughing at me
As I search for another reality…

Transposed to a different key!
And I see a gun,
Pointing at me,
Oh No! Oh No!

He cried
As a man stepped to the front
He stopped…

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Newbold said

yes very powerful music and lyrics.. can't quite hear the lyrics but I am glad you wrote them out the lyrics are the best I have seen ..-- wow

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Andrew Russe said

I thought I'd commented?! .... anyways, WOW that's a monster. I'll give it another listen over the next few days.

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coelocanth said

Was somebody listening to Can? ;)