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nothing like this is real allmixed and remixed

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Non-parallel or skew field transformations and exo-transformations involved in supercomplex simplifications of matter/space and time. realize it is and it is real.. we know this to be the theory of the truth and there is no way it is being beyond the levels of thoughts with out meaning or representational values. effect and cause have the third and forth elements not effect and or cause plus both effect and cause for both as one.

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supernova II os 2.0 microkorg xl both having the vocoder inputs to each others outs as well as, midi connections connected .. maybe recorded .. I think,,.. but this is a remix of the whole of the group ... made the four "nothing like this is real" works so there is about four to seven different layers being used at different centers of sound between left and right. === Thank you Fudgetusk for the compliment when I connect my novation supernova TO the korg--- they talk to each other from opposite ends of reality and or newer universe's there of.