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first one


Uploaded .

this song was made specifically for this site to have on it roster enjoy,

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Djörk said

it sounds like it is descending and descending, but at the same time not moving at all. very freaky!

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Newbold said

thanks i will but I spend so much time doing the computer music thing I don't know I still have to buy a g-string for the guitar I broke that on my guitar a little while ago..i hate g-string comments they are really absurd but yes I will be back on the guitar once the g-string is replaced :)

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vaisvil said

crazy trip through a negative universe!

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Newbold said

The dimensional effects are so close to real that we know what it makes the theoretical mathematicians think but as to how that is done, we are still designing the nexonic links. bands that would be neither here nor there for the time being.

Guest said

3rd dimension from a sonic trip.. nice shifts

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