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the oysesx 2 experiment


had to stretch the song to fit the video but I will not be able to post the video till it is rendered and uploaded :

these latest expriments are with both the vocoders going into the other from the mixed outs of both.,

Uploaded .

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newbold said

the set up has the mixer out to the mircrokorg vocoder in the micro korg got out to the mix,, a feed back loop as well as out to the supernova’s first vocoder in…which goes out to the mixer,, I am using an old four track recorder as a mixer in’s and out’s finally the whole thing from the 4-track goes into the pc’s audacity. I know really low tech bottle necks but they do the work just fine..

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vaisvil said

I like to watch you conduct the synthesizers :-)

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vaisvil said

but who decides what is real? the dreamer or the dreamed?

2 vocoders? did you grab another microkorg?

Guest said

Slapping synths mixed with revoked tension, what cool trip man!

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