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padlock on upload

Hey there!

Yes — we have spam detection on tracks now since we were getting all those strange mp3s with ads in them! I think yours got caught in the filter accidentally. Still building out the process for this, sorry for that!

padlock on upload

Just re-uploaded without a prob. perhaps it was the mp3 bitrate of 320? Happy Holidays all !

padlock on upload

Uploaded a song today but has padlock icon after song name and can be seen only by me. Post not seen on the AT just posted list.

any ideas? prob user error lol. Does embedding a jpeg with the song description set off alarms or something unrelated? I have been able to do that in the past. not sure if its me or unrelated…

Thanks. Reef


Hi there!

The problem was that isn’t the correct address — it’s just — I’ve gone ahead and fixed that warning though, and everything should happily redirect to the right address now.


Do note I am using Chrome, seems to work fine on Firefox. However I’m switching over to YouTube for better traffic.
Also, I’m changing my brand. I’m known as Goblin, Gobbles, and Gobbledeegook by some friends and family, so I’m running with it.

Radio Show - Alonetone potential

Cheers danaxe… I can definitely see ‘Marijuana’, ‘Receptacle" and “Winfun” fitting in to the show.

As said, it’ll be at least March before I’ve used up already recorded shows, but you can either follow the Facebook page to get an update/set list a day or so before the shows debut, or let me have your email and I’ll let you know as and when : contact

Radio Show - Alonetone potential

Awesome yes if you can find anything appropriate in my tracks please go ahead!

The same goes for anyone who’d like to make use of my music on here for vlogs, student films, shorts, podcasts, radio broadcasts etc…give credit & link to my website ( and you’re golden.

Radio Show - Alonetone potential

I’ve not posted any new material for a while, basically because I’ve been diverted onto a new track for most of the past year - doing a radio show for a local internet community radio station.

Since March 2017 I’ve been doing a fortnightly hour-long show… but from January 2018 it’ll be going weekly - this is where the Alonetone potential comes in.

Although I’m not short of music generally - in the 20 shows I’ve done so far I’ve not repeated a track, nor even resorted to playing any of my own material - but with the extra couple of hours a month, there will be potential for expanding away from my record collection. Music from Alonetone members, in other words.

I’m assuming that Alonetone musicians, by the very nature of the site, wouldn’t mind the extra airplay (if you really DONT want to be played, use this thread to exclude yourself).

Programme make-up is eclectic, but just so the parameters are set, I’m really NOT interested in classic rock, heavy rock, folkie stuff, rap and more mainstream types of music… not making any quality judgements, just that’s not what the show is about (and territorial issues - most of them are covered by other shows anyway).

Shows are pre-recorded, and there are about 6 in the can already, so any tracks I might use wont get an airing until Feb / Mar 2018 at the earliest. But I’ll use this thread to alert any Alonetoners that their track is to be used.

Info :

SHOW : Radio Frankenstein International. Broadcast Thursdays 20:00 UK time, repeated Sundays at 19:00 UK time.

You can hear a podcast of the current show here (anytime) :

STATION : Hive Community Radio (Jarrow, North East England) :

FACEBOOK ; The show has, just this week, started a FB page, for updates, playlists, etc. If you’re on FB, follow it for updated show info :


The body of this error reads thus, Attackers may be trying to steal your information from


I’d like to confirm with Sudara about whats going on. I would very much like for my link to not bounce back at other people like this.


edit profile

We found one more issue that might have been causing this in some cases — the problem should be fixed for good now!