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ringtones (2017)

5 tracks by alizarin

this is nothing like playing instruments.


3 second ringtone. Chirpy like a morning person on energy drinks.
8 second ringtone with fake bass notes.
12 second ringtone with chirpy, almost dance-y keyboard that has just enough time to dissolve into chaos.
Another ringtone.
Probably the last ringtone. I'm going to get to song-length awkward audio wrangling, now.

Not Ringtones (2017)

4 tracks by alizarin

These are not ringtones. These are experiments of various kinds. I guess you could use them for ringtones if you'd enjoy that, I'm not the boss of you.


Wondered if I could build a pop-like backing track for one of my old angry guitar ballads, "Rosebush". It ... did not work. But I had fun. Also - this is too long to put on the Ringtones list. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED???
Backing track-building practice for NaSoAlMo. I'll come up with words for this ... supposedly. (software: FL Studio 9. time to make: 50 minutes.)
Built a backing track for an already-recorded scratch vocal. It almost even worked! It seems wrong to call this a minus track, but even wronger to call an electronic, totally-computer-constructed track an "instrumental." And minus is shorter…
"Man, what if Trent Reznor and Britney Spears had collaborated on a track in the early '00s?" wondered probably very few people ever. And that's where history went wrong. I'm just trying to set things right.