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Prescription Accounts

I see all these user accounts popping up on AloneTone advertising prescription drugs.

Since this is a music site, it would be nice if they would at least post some music about the drug that they are promoting.

Why can’t they do a Cialis jingle? Or some Viagra death metal?

looking for songwriter/ vocalist

I could take a stab at it. Listening to ‘Spectrum’, it does feel like it would accommodate lyrics well.

Single Day Album Challenge?

I took a stab at doing a single day album today, and either succeeded awesomely or failed miserably, depending on how one keeps score.

My original goal was to do 25 minutes of music, but it probably wouldn’t be 25 minutes of good music.

With that said, I’ve gotten a handful of song ideas that I’ve put down the foundation for, one of which is pretty much finished.

I was going to use my vacation week to try and develop it further, and will post whatever sounds the best to Alonetone at some point.

Single Day Album Challenge?

I’m kind of empty musically, myself - I was hoping the act of trying to come up with that amount of material in such a short period of time might help to prime my brain and get the ideas churning again.

At very least, it will get my comatose muse off the proverbial couch. If you can get your muse standing upright at least, it’s as good a starting point as any.

Single Day Album Challenge?

We should do one of those 24 hour album challenges.

I took part in a couple of ones that Alonetone hosted in years past, and those were always a lot of fun. (Stressful, insanity-inducing fun, but still fun nonetheless.)

The premise was to try and create 25 minutes worth of music in one day, and then post the end result to Alonetone.

Play list

It sounds like the issue I’m having.

If I type in the URL for the individual playlists, I can get them to load fine. However, if I try clicking ‘playlists’ from my profile to get to the root page, there’s a long pause as it tries to connect, and then it ultimately goes to the ‘Alonetone fell’ message.

This is also what happens if I try manually typing in the URL for my root playlist page :

I tried it from Google Chrome and also Firefox, with the same results in both places.

Font bug in Safari 5.1.7 for Windows XP

I can’t really tell how much this is the Alonetone site, and how much this is on the Safari side, but I get this odd symptom from Safari on my Windows XP machine.

Most of the website text appears fine, but periodically you get a font (often one in the gray/green bar at the very top) that appears corrupted.

For instance, at the top of my Artist page, instead of saying

AMUC from Worcester, MA United States

It shows..

‘ l t b from Worcester, MA United States

What’s odd is if you copy the 'ltb text and paste it into Wordpad, it appears as AMUC, which leads me to think it’s something with that particular font.

I checked my font setup between Safari on my Windows XP machine, and Safari on my Windows 7 machine, and the settings appear identical. (I had also tried the usual troubleshooting steps - I did a repair on the Safari install, cleared the cache, reset the browser, etc.)

Post your RPM 2013 Project

AMUC’s 7th Year overall. (Yeah - I know. Time flies. It feels like yesterday that it was 2007.)

I think this one came out good. The Inanimate Carbon Rod really did a good job singing this year :

The album is called Shatter The Glass With Dialed Sand.

Minor third in speech

A minor third isn’t automatically going to be a black key - it depends on what scale you’re playing in. The minor third can land on a white in some cases.

In the case of human speech, I guess it would depend on what frequency you start the sentence off in. If a person is speaking in a 200HZ voice, the minor third would be about 240HZ. (The ratio of a minor third is roughly 6 to 5, although Western music rounds it down a little bit.)

RPM 2010

I’ve signed up, as usual. My goal is to make something that doesn’t suck (or if it does suck, I at least want the CD cover to look cool.)