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Please Excuse Those Words That I Said

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Now here’s a bit of an oldie - the second song I ever wrote. In… 1978!

I think I played it once, or maybe twice, at school assemblies. My musical peers and colleagues back then dismissed it as corny/rancid pop music rubbish… Now, I kinda wish I hadn’t been swayed by their opinion. Not for this song specifically, but because it meant I never wrote anymore like this.

For this 2020 “Broom-cupboard Productions” offering, all I did was change the key and throw a band at it. I was quite surprised at how it turned out.

I haven’t altered any of the lyrics. So please bear in mind that it was written by a broken-hearted 15 year old in August 1978.

Please Excuse Those Words That I Said - A A J Russe

Last week I saw you standing there all on your own
You had that look about you - cold and all forlorn
I didn’t think that you would not fall for me
Please excuse those words that I said

Your mother told me that you were fond of me
But having known you for some time I don’t agree
I didn’t think that you would not fall for me
Please excuse those words that I said
Please excuse those words that I said

You used me only to keep him on his toes
But now I realise that’s just the way it goes

So now I sit alone and nurse my broken heart
I’ve never felt like this before - I’m torn apart
Now I know that you could not fall for me
Please excuse those words that I said
Please excuse those words that I said
Please excuse those words that I said

Copyright (C) 1978 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved.

Anton's avatar
Anton said

It's so warm, the music reminds me of Elton John's recordings.

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Love is always a teeny bopper thing. You capture it here. I have learned never to dismiss a song just because someone dismiss it, too. I had no idea how beloved I PLAY C would become. And thank you for listening commenting on my Shorts.

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

Oh, and the the fade out flourish.

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

Oh! The backing vox! I can hear the 1978 in it, and I like it, a lot. I love the "I didn't think..." sections leading into the chorus. Whatever you're doing for chords and build...perfect. The chord changes in general, the twists, shifts...You need to write more in this vein...

H R Music's avatar
H R Music said

Does have an old school feel ... but that's good.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Another beauty from the shoebox.. keep em coming

Djörk's avatar
Djörk said

i can totally imagine hearing this on a classic rock or even an oldies radio station. and oldie but a goodie :) very catchy tune and now it's stuck in my head

dxbisolation's avatar
dxbisolation said

I LOVE this!! It's got everything - super-catchy, some lovely chord changes, great middle eight and a key change at the end. This would have been a huge hit in the 60s!

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

This is fabulous! What a talented lad you were.... the gal in the story didn’t get it!

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vaisvil said


Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

That’s a long way back! Long before any of us could easily record at home. It’s a fun song that you have held onto all these years. I wonder we’re the next generation of musicians are? The garage bands, kids dragging instruments around, all that seems to be gone. You’re song has managed to bring back the memories of my youth.

KCsGroove's avatar
KCsGroove said

Has a Beatlesque vibe :-) 15 when you wrote it, huh, the talent was already there... enjoyed it, Andrew KC