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03 Wasted

angie fights crime

RPM 2k15
vocals by Ashley Reynolds

this whole place
going down the drain
and i’m going along for the ride
nobody forced my hand
nobody made me this way
nobody tried to stop me either
it’s not what i say, what i do
it’s everything all at once
you’re staring at me across the room
like you think you know the truth
between the ground and the sky and you
what a waste
all this time we knew
we both have nothing left to hide
you’re staring at me across the room
afraid of what we know is true
between the ground and the sky and you

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Latest Comments

A Bit More Better Productions said

What’s frightening about the remix bruv? Is it the way i slowed your vocals down and that?

odh said

I agree the My Bloody Valentine reference. That’s a good thing, definitely.

Jahn said

Very My Bloody Valentine, nice work!

Johnny Stone said

What a great mix dig it

Wildgeas Music said

Love your style kids. Great collab.

Wildgeas Music said

Whew! Moved my damn hair.
Raw energy.

Matt Parker said

Love this track, can’t stop listening to it. Brent did a great job mixing all the tracks. Made my job pretty easy truth be told

Jon Freeman said

Amazing vocals by Ashley once again! Wow.

Guest said

Wow. The power on the guitars! And yet it marries perfectly with the emotive vocals. I’ll fav this once I’m back. Alex moo moo

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