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I have just learned of the existence of SKOOG… it’s a tactile musical interface which was developed with differently abled children and schools in mind. The thing is, I have been playing around with different ways to make music for years because of the pain in my hands and neck due to pinched spinal nerves and this is something which sounds interesting. The only downside is that it costs about $300 and I can’t figure out, yet, whether or not it could be useful for me. My main instrument is my voice but I also compose using a piano keyboard and various wind instruments, as well as using a keyboard controller to play virtual instruments (using GarageBand, Logic X - Apple samples, EastWest Sounds, Bolder Sounds, my own sampled vocals - and various iPhone apps). Trained as a coloratura soprano but raised on improvisational jazz and folk, I do a lot of a cappela and almost everything I do is improvised in the moment (including lyrics of my songs and spoken word pieces). I would like something like this to perform with if I can figure out a good way to do that.

I’m just wondering if anyone here at alonetone has heard of, or used, a SKOOG in any context and would be willing to post what the experience is/was like.




I wonder if it might be related to the notes I add? I tend to write a novel for each song so that I can remember what the hell I was thinking while I worked on it. I just uploaded a song, wrote a ton of notes, and it filed in as locked. I deleted it, re-uploaded it without any notes, and it filed fine. Just a thought.


Okay, now my uploads on this account are also coming in as locked. Am I doing something wrong? It worked fine last week, but this week I can’t make tracks public.

Radio Show - Alonetone potential

Cleared the backlog of programmes now…. so the first Alonetone artist gets played in the next show : who will it be ?

You’ll have to listen to find out.

Programme 30 - Thursday 15 March 2018 @ 8 pm (UK) 20:00 UTC. Repeated Sunday 18 March 2018 @ 7 pm (UK) 19:00 UTC

Hive Community Radio - listen online @

If you need to convert to your local time, you can use

Older programmes (including this one eventually) archived @

followers list??

Working on adding it back! Might only show up in the new “white theme” version of the site (which we’ve been working hard on for a few months)…


Hey Robert!

Not sure yet what exact issue you ran into, so I’m looking into upload errors in general and will report back if I can find anything conclusive!

no favourite link

Title says it. No heart symbol on a track.


The last track to post correctly was #300. I thought that might be related so I deleted a few old files and re-uploaded a new one. Nope, same issue. I figured it was a sign and started a new account. Clean slate and all.


Anyone else getting errors when clicking the Publish button? Something like:

500 Internal Server Error
If you are the administrator of this website, then please read this web application’s log file and/or the web server’s log file to find out what went wrong.