revision 118: Take it with you

- posted by Sudara on January 15, 2008 - 0 comments -

Alonetone is about sharing music. I added two new cool things today (along with a handful of bug fixes) that should help folks out.

First, flash players.

Click on “share!” anywhere on the site, and you’ll see that you can get the code to put any tune or any playlist into a flash player. Copy and paste it into your site, a forum, a blog, whatever.

Like this playlist from Brandon.


Also, I added experimental support for Podcasting. Check it out! When you are logged in, go to your bio/profile and you’ll see a special url. It looks like “” except with your username, not mine ;)

Add that to the itunes podcast directory, for example, to get your music listed there.

adding myself to the podcast directory

Some other things were cleaned up, including:

  • Reordering tracks in a playlist is working
  • A new frequently asked questions page
  • The browse all artists page now defaults to show users that have mp3s uploaded. This is good, as people have been clicking on people who have signed up but not yet uploaded, created playlists, or even listening to anything yet. What did they get? A blank page. What did they do? Leave the site.

revision 110: Beta believe it!

- posted by Sudara on January 14, 2008 - 0 comments -

Wow. Bunch of work over the weekend, including:

  • You can now upload a nice phat zip file with up to 40 megs of goodies inside
  • You can now check out the latest updates, here, at updates
  • JEWEL CASES for playlists! WOOOOT!!!! Thanks to Samo. Check it out on my main page
  • Some lame excuse error messages if you check out the site on IE6
  • Bunch of layout tweaks
  • Bigger profile pics, yummy.

As this updates page is brand new, here is a photo of my checked off todo list from the past two weeks:

todo from Jan