Chat room is open & ad hoc 24-hour albums

- posted by Sudara on August 01, 2009 - 10 comments -


It’s been a while, but a lot has been happening.

Here’s a roundup.

We got a chat room, in case you have not dropped by yet. Come waste some time with us LIVE! and talk about music, alonetone, or the latest funny youtube video you saw.

What else is new? Well, the very very very beginnings of my “secret project” are starting to bear fruit.

It’s called ListenApp!

Listenapp! it is an “iTunes-like” way of browsing the music on alonetone. Basically, it is built for the listener (hence the name) rather than the artist (which is what alonetone is all about).

Only the very very basic features are in place and it still has many quirks, but if you have Firefox or Safari, you are welcome to poke around. IE will NOT work yet, but support for IE7/8 is planned.

I’d love feedback, and we got a whole bunch of goodies planned for exposing the music in a listener-friendly way. alonetone has always been about artists, so it was time to create something for listeners. It’s going to be a long ride getting this thing going in my free time on top of work, music, and alonetone, but it’s going to be great.

Need to make music? Right now? Like all day?

Jump on board and get a 24-hour album done with some support of your fellow alonetoners! A few of us are ROCKING RIGHT NOW: Saturday, August 1st. What is a 24-hour album? It’s 24 hours of you making music with the goal of getting an EP at the end of the ride. It’s exhausting, exhilarating, exciting, and many other e-words worth of fun. Check out the albums from last december and come chat with us about it if you are interested.

That’s about it. Hope everyone is having a pleasant summer, and remember to keep your strings in tune, your throats cleared, and the midi keyboards dust-free.



Sudara said

Also, I handled the latest outburst of spider/bot listens. You may or may not notice a reduction in play count for some tracks. If so, rather than mourn, enjoy the fact that each of your listens represent real people and aren't bloated up by internet sites downloading your tracks.

Minibar Madness

Minibar Madness said

I pity the fool who downloads my tracks. There are only a select few who like my music (I love them) the rest will be bitterly dissapointed.


Gumbo said

Do you want Listen App feedback here or should there be a topic in the forum? Maybe there already is one there blushes

any way it looks great (I like 'clean') and works nicely - it's so good to have a 'browser' for the music here. I'd like more browsing options (just artist at the mo') but I guess this is already on your todo list.
Is the sidebar on the left meant to work yet (coz it doesn't do anything in Safari 3 yet)?

Any ways this'll keep me busy til the 24 hr tunes start rolling in (hint hint)


AMUC said

I'm okay with having spiderbot fans. You figure, that's an untapped demographic market right there.


dougsparling said

Is the challenge today only or can I start tonight I go into Sunday?


Sudara said

Hey doug - I believe there are some others going tomorrow (Sunday). I would peep into the chat room and ask around, but basically, it's more a freeform thing than last time when we scheduled two saturdays in a row. This time, it's daddy glu's last minute edition. :)

Gumbo - Yeah, only artists at the moment, working on the rest. That's also why the nav on the left is not working.


glu said

lol @ "daddy glu's last minute edition" That should be the title of my 24h!

dj num izisoundsystem

dj num izisoundsystem said

i would like to do a 24 hour music mission ... just don't know when i'll be able to...maybe within the next two weeks ..

Ross Spencer

Ross Spencer said

ListenApp ROCKS!
This is such an important addition!
I'm exited, (you may have picked that up by now), and I'm looking forward to exploring the waters of alonetone in this beautiful new canoe!
This App is the alonetone explorer's vehicle I've been waiting for, but didn't know it.
Thank you Sudara,
(and for changing the e mail notification wording, :) )


K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Hi, Sudara. Remember me? (wacky whining KSS?)

I guess the systems doing what it did (and what you resolved) about five or so months ago.

I hit 'play' - the 0:00 comes up, but thats all she writes, so to speak.

Best to you and thanks for any possible help.

I'm at :)

spring cleaning, see who follows who

- posted by Sudara on March 22, 2009 - 11 comments -

Hi there!

After a quiet january and february, alonetone is getting some development love.

I just came back from Vienna where Samo and I hashed out the UI design for the upcoming secret project.

Here’s what I just pushed out on alonetone:

  • You can now see who everyone follows
  • You can now easily add favorites to playlists
  • The beginnings of a press page
  • A few IE7 bugs fixed
  • Playlist editing and track adding was…cleaned up a bit
  • A handful of minor changes here and there
  • Upgrading to the latest version of Rails and jQuery

Let me know if anyone sees any issues.

We’re humming along at a good clip, track uploads are looking scarily…‘exponential’ on the stats page.

Welcome to all you n00bs - be sure to speak up on the forums if you have questions and suggestions.

Yeah, and if you wanna get creative with the alonetone logo for some strange reason, check out the press page with 8 different versions of the logo in 3 different formats.

Yeah….that’s it for now. Time to enjoy all the good music that’s landed here recently.

another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide said

We're humming along at a good clip, track uploads are looking scarily...'exponential' on the stats page.

Holy crap, Batman! Exponential is a euphemism. Yowza!

Guest said

Secret project! Secret project! Secret project!


globalskanetwork said

Sounds Skanktastic!



There is an Agency...(stop)
Awaiting further instructions...(stop)
A secret revealed...(stop)
evidence will be solidified...(stop)

Lalo Oceja

Lalo Oceja said

hey... thank you so very much for this amazing, awsome and wonderful site, I am enjoying it more and more. secret project?... can't wait to know about it!!!!!

Guest said

Tnahx guys at alonetone for all your work in making "Alonetone"! all that it is great stuff1 Keep it up! I salute you!

Minibar Madness

Minibar Madness said

I must admit I'm amazed at the amount of new stuff constantly being uploaded. So much talent out there with sooooo much time on its hands!


olifante said

Thanks for creating Alonetone, it's very nice. However, I've noticed that I often find myself looking for a few features that don't yet exist:

  • Being able to classify songs by genre or add a tag.
  • Star-ratings. Binary favorites are not expressive enough.
  • Ranking songs/artists by play count, number of times favorited by others, number of comments received.
  • Ranking artists by number of songs uploaded, freshness, activity.
  • Playing your own songs when you're logged in shouldn't add to play count.
  • Downloading a song seems to add to the play count. I think this should be a separate metric.
  • Songs should only be counted as having been played when they reach the end (like in iTunes), or maybe once you reach halfway. Currently I think that the play count increases once playback starts.

Keep up the great work!


olifante said

One more thing, very important! Why is there no way to reply when people comment your songs? It would be nice to be able to hold conversations and have some constructive critique around songs.


olifante said

Oh! Oh! Oh! One more feature request: being able to fast-forward, ideally with a time-slider. Having several playback speeds would also be nice.

Sorry to be such a bother :-)

Guest said

pardon the hunt and peck styled grammar/punctuation- but...

''hmm? mi ol safari hadn't been working so I've been using firefox for several months; now I'm somehow locked out of alonetone.

All i've got is an email and password, furthermore -no knowledge of the third required 'code'

any help here?

RPM is over, 1000 new songs

- posted by Sudara on March 07, 2009 - 22 comments -

It’s been an amazing month at alonetone, in part thanks to the RPM challenge which many alonetoners participated in as well as brought many new faces to alonetone.

For those who don’t know about it, the challenge is to record / produce a full album within February. Kind of like the 24 hour album but in a month. :)

In the last week alone, more than 1000 new songs were added to alonetone. New signups were on the rise, and new tracks were flying by at a rate too quick to listen to:


To the all the new faces: Welcome! It’s going to be an incredible month catching up with all the new music here.

In honor of all the hardworking musicians who completed their album, we’ve put together a page listing all of your albums:

rpm challenge

It’s going to be a great spring for alonetone. I’m back in action maintaining the site (after taking Feb off for cough music making) and the rumors regarding the upcoming secret project - well, they are all true.

Enjoy listening to all the great music produced during February and cheers to the new guys for hanging out with us on alonetone. Have fun!


Sudara said

Oh, and please let me know if your album is not listed on the RPM page, or if your album *is* listed, but shouldn't be ;)

tim mcfate

tim mcfate said

thought i would cover all the bases and tell you here as well that my album isnt listed as far as i can tell
tim mcfate
food and shelter

another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide said

Man, we're just starting to dig in... and this year's crop of music is just ASTOUNDING. What a feast!


jimbouchard said

Hi Sudara,
My RPM album is also up here:
Thanks for pointing out the great number of RPMers here!
also I found this from this post on MacJams:



glu said

the graphic looks like an inverse of current stock prices! Looks like music capital is up this year! :)

Richard Hardrick

Richard Hardrick said



Scenery said

Is it too late to get my band listed as an RPM band? I guess I kept seeing alonetone on the RPM forums but never really checked it out until now. Great site!


mmi said

Sniff... you forgot mine.

Robert James

Robert James said

There is still more to come as those of us who didn't finish on time try to keep their back ends in gear and eventually get things done.

Jay Durfey

Jay Durfey said

I just uploaded mine here today, I would like to be added to the RPMer's list too please!!!

Rob and Laura

Rob and Laura said

It's nice to be among such wonderful company.

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson said

I uploaded mine a few days ago (Master of None). I would like to be added to the list if possible.

Kevin Bud Jones

Kevin Bud Jones said

Didn't expect to see the page with all the RPM'ers together - that's great. Don't see Nick Flash though. Maybe he didn't post his album. I'll check.
Thanks for putting this together.

Jack Merlot

Jack Merlot said

Hey, sorry I'm late - I just uploaded some of the tracks I recorded for Orchids for Betty, (my entry in the RPM Challenge 2009).

Check out my page at the RPM Challenge or check out my website for more music!

I'll try to upload the rest of my album here later, right now I'm on a really slooooow computer.


  • Jack Merlot
Nervous Neal Smith

Nervous Neal Smith said

I was finally able to get my tracks uploaded! I'd like my project ("Manhandle Suite") to be included on the RPM Challenge page as well. Thanks!


Sudara said

Ok, I think I got everyone who made an album here on alonetone. Just let me know if that glass of wine I just drank affected my album collecting abilities.

Cave Street

Cave Street said

Thank you Sudara, for hosting this awesome community of artists!


beatnikturtle said

Hi Sudara - we just uploaded our RPM Challenge 2009 album "When I Was Your Age" ( Can you add it to the RPM album collective? Thanks!


transmit said

Hi, I'm Transmit and I did an RPM album, "Signal To Noise". A few of the songs are on my alonetone profile:

And here is my RPM link:



bellbirds said

bellbirds are yet another RPM band that's happy to find a home here. love the site and we're thankful for the hosting opportunity. thanks for helping everyone spread the love!

Guest said

What a great tribute to the RPM Challenge! Thanks Sudara, yet again! X!

Lalo Oceja

Lalo Oceja said

Well... thank you Sudara for this wonderful place full of good good music!! congratz!

alonetone turns 1 - follow the musicians you love

- posted by Sudara on January 05, 2009 - 8 comments -

alonetone 1 year ago

This is what alonetone looked like 1 year ago.

Alonetone wasn’t really “launched” in the hyped web 2.0 popular way. It just kinda slid out. irwinnormal was the first to play with it in December 2007. I emailed a few friends. I broke uploading, went on christmas vacation, came back. It was January 2008 when things first got rolling.

So, it’s been a year! Over 4000 tracks uploaded by over 400 musicians. We’ve delivered over 230,000 tracks. Yes, A chunk of those went to the greedy spider invasion of mid 2008, but it’s safe to say we’re pumping out the tunes. We’re just the right size. Not to big, not too small.

Thanks to everyone who signed up in 2008 and uploaded their tunes. A extra-HUGE thanks to everyone who suggested ideas, let me know when something broke, listened to my rants and answered my obscure and detailed questions - I’m looking at glu and ACL especially. Each piece of feedback helps us build what we humbly hope to be the most kicking-assiest place to host music at. Thanks guys.

Also, this site would be nothing without the genius of Samo Korosec aka smoofles who provided the original and the current alonetone design, consistently delivered top notch ideas and psd files, travelled 6 hours from Vienna on multiple occasions to help out, provided endless user interface handholding over IM, and in general gave me the best ‘working together’ experience I’ve ever had on a web app. Thanks Samo.

Oh, and I cooked up a new years treat last night! Try following a musician you like. Look for the ‘follow’ button on the top right of anyone’s alonetone page. It looks like this:


alonetone will email you when that musician uploads a new track. You’ll also see a list of tracks from the folks you follow on the alonetone home page. (Yes, we’ll have a ‘view all’ button soon!)


another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide said

Suds, our lives actually changed when we signed on to alonetone last February (okay... so we didn't have much of a life at that time, but hell - it changed anyway); and we're honored to be a part of this place with fine folks who've found their way here. alonetone is - Home. And a thing of beauty, too. Kudos to you, sir. ;)

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

Alonetone rules!!!!!! Happy birthday, and huge thank yous to Sudara and all who help this place to grow, peace and prosperity for the new year...

Guest said

Thanks sudara, it's been a real pleasure being part of alonetone – usually most projects are a "business" affair , but alonetone has the nice touch of "friends doing stuff for friends" and it's rewarding to see people enjoying it and you putting so much of yourself into it.

Here's to 2009 and more of the nice and steady growth with great people around!

Visaudio Designs

Visaudio Designs said

Awesome! Is this follow feature in the latest version on github?

Richard Hardrick

Richard Hardrick said

Thanks Sudara. The "follow" button it´s a great idea, to have a near contact. HERE WE CAN FOUND GREAT MUSICIANS... A LOT OF BRILLIANT STARS, ILLUMINATING THE PROPER WAY TO MAKE MUSIC.

Guest said

Alonetone = Awesomenesstasticality.


polymood said

I'm very happy to have found aLoneTone.
Great site, thx

Guest said

Thanxs suds! You legend!

Upload new versions of your tracks

- posted by Sudara on December 22, 2008 - 8 comments -

You know what is nice about vacation?

Having enough time to be human, be with the family, and also being able to sneak off into my room and get long-awaited alonetone features into production and long-standing bugs wiped off my plate.

Highlights for this round of updates:

  1. Upload a new version of a track. That’s right. It’s finally here. Nothing fancy, just the ability to completely replace a track. It’ll delete the old version from our servers. This is ideal for waking up the day after you toiled all night on a track and realize that the mix was a bit…how shall we say….off? Simply edit the track, choose your shiny new mix and no one will be the wiser.

  2. Comments and forum posts will now obey your return key. That’s right, no more strange formatting! Things that you type into alonetone will appear as you typed them, which really should have happened to begin with, but hey.

  3. No more facebook integration. The largest of our resident ‘elephants in the room’ - the ability to browse alonetone music on facebook and add it to your profile - is now completely removed from alonetone. Yup, this loss of a feature is a very good thing for alonetone - it means I get to stop trying to keep up with their crazy changing system and focus on core alonetone. For those of you who want to add your tracks to your profile, fear not - this is all built into facebook anyway, and the alonetone facebook app was really just a lump of redundant code that was making development more difficult and bulky.

Hmm, lets see…I hammered out like 10 more bug fixes that were outstanding. Still about 20 more to go, but good progress has been made.

Oh, and don’t forget to speak up if you want some alonetone guitar pics. Supplies are limited, especially in the thin department.


glu said

w00t \o_?

Guest said

Can I just say: Screw Facebook. It's a waste of time and I predict that it will be out of favor with the Webs That Be by the end of 2009. Screw that noise.


Sudara said

Here here! My morale for working on alonetone went up by 500% after removing all that facebook code.

another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide said

Ditto on the Facebook issue. We only joined to help alonetone get the server space, etc. Now we only get messages from all the people we've tried to avoid in the first place. Ugh.


drakonis said

I always sneak a little notepad along to do design/coding while on vacation, so I'm glad I'm not the only one :-) Thanks for all the hard work!

Whereabouts in CA are you vacationing (in the rain)?


drakonis said

I always sneak a little notepad along to do design/coding while on vacation, so I'm glad I'm not the only one :-) Thanks for all the hard work!

Since people don't generally do much constructive critiquing of songs here, I think that a simple replacement of a song with a new version will work just fine, as long as we can edit the description to update info on it.

I assume that does NOT update the song and description that is up on iTunes/podcast via alonetone, right?


Guest said

is tha replace feature workin? <3


-t. said

yea man. REplace, nice. been wanting that. and unless you REtitle it no one will know. i mean people might have listened to the track and thought "hm, no, this is a bit poo", and then you go off and make changes (coz you also thought it was poo) REmix it etc and REpost it. them lot how thought it were poo may not go back to it unless they know theres been changes. ...why am i still talking?