alonetone UP on engine yard

- posted by Sudara on December 17, 2008 - 5 comments -

Hi there,

Migration to engine yard went as planned, though it took a bit longer than expected.

The site should be faster and smoother.



Sudara said

So.....anyone notice a speed difference this week compared with before? Is it snappier or am I high on server fumes?


kavin. said

Kinda the opposite. Seem to have more "false starts" on songs and slow/interrupted playing. Have noticed this more on the windows machine at work (fast connection) than on the mac at home. Could just be problems on my end, but there does seem to be a difference from the pre-engine yard performance (for the worse?), may just be on my end.


Sudara said

Ho hum ho!

Well, the mp3s stayed in the same place the whole time (they sit on Amazon), so any mp3 performances (play, start, stop) shouldn't be related to the move.

What should be improved is how fast the home page loads up, and switching between different pages on alonetone. Maybe it's not as noticeable as I thought? From the testing I did, it seems to be, but....

Thanks for the feedback!

Jack Merlot

Jack Merlot said

Hey, sorry I'm late - I just uploaded some of the tracks I recorded for Orchids for Bett, (my entry in the RPM Challenge 2009).

Check out my page at the RPM Challenge or check out my website for more music!

I'll try to upload the rest of my album here later, right now I'm on a really slooooow computer.


  • Jack Merlot

Guest said

What a great tribute to the RPM Challenge! Thanks Sudara, yet again! X!

Comments are now emailed out

- posted by Sudara on November 20, 2008 - 7 comments -


A heavily requested feature is here: Getting comments on your songs delivered via email.

A lot of folks directly asked for this feature saying that they missed comments, or maybe were absent from alonetone for (gasp) a week or two, or simply wanted to know right away so they could stop compulsively checking their home page.

Note: Comments are by default enabled. This was a rash last minute decision that I’m bound to regret, but the reasoning was this:

  1. We are not facebook emailing you some bull$*#% about being invited to an imaginary party with imaginary friends. It’s real people and often your friends talking about your music, and most likely 90% of folks will not be annoyed by having the comments emailed to them.

  2. Many folks who already signed up but don’t visit alonetone obsessively would not actually edit their profile, see this blog post, or know that this was possible.

  3. It’s super duper easy to turn off, via the profile

  4. It’s a good default to have for new folks singing up and uploading their tunes. One less thing they have to worry about, and you know how it is after you upload your tunes to alonetone. You are sitting there waiting for a bit of feedback!

There might be a kink or two with folks who have the habit of making a comment and then deleting it to edit it. If this becomes a problem, we’re probably only going to let the person receiving the comment do the deleting. (keep things simple rather than doing something crazy like having editing of comments!)

Have fun and enjoy!

Guest said

u did the right thing, sudara.


Sudara said

Heads Up:

I just found a bug where some comments were slipping through into "no man's land" and getting eaten by alonetone.

I'm investigating the source of the issue. No comments were lost. You might see a few new comments on your tracks, so check your history!

Update to follow...


glu said

woah! I just found some new errr.. old comments that must have been affected by the bug! nice!

Kai Starr

Kai Starr said

Bless your heart, Sudara! I have so little internet time (and what I do have is hampered by a S.L.O.W. connection speed) that I can go a long time without knowing I have comments. Email notification is GREAT!! (^o^)/

Robert James

Robert James said

Thanks to mistakenforvision I can say that this works great. heh. Thanks!


Scenery said

Is it too late to get my band listed as an RPM band? I guess I kept seeing alonetone on the RPM forums but never really checked it out until now. Great site!


Scenery said

Sorry, ignore that last comment. It was posted on the wrong entry. But in other news, the delete comment button appears to be broken. ;)

comments under construction

- posted by Sudara on November 16, 2008 - 2 comments -

Hi guys,

We’re revamping the way we handle comments.

Bear with us, I just pushed a bunch of small tweaks and changes, and there are some rough spots.

Hope you guys like the ability to play the tracks that are commented on!

Also, if you signed up with a cryptic name like “mymusic3434” and now you are unhappy about your music sitting at then it is time to rejoice! You can now change your login in your profile.

And….something I thought was important since day 1, but never done until recently was the ability to show the album that a song belongs to.

(psssst. You can now add your twitter account to your profile. Twitter is like ‘group chat in slow motion’. It’s perfect for following what your crew is up to, passively.

If you get on twitter, be sure to follow alonetone, myself, samo, glu, Matt Mower and ACL. Anyone else I’m forgetting?

another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide said

Uh oh - there's a slight bug in the profile edit page: when I went to correct the Twitter address, it spat at me about Password confirmation and blank lines.


Sudara said

Hey ACL: I couldn't reproduce the twitter issue. Looks like everything worked out for you guys though.

I added pretty flags to your listens so you could see what country folks are listening from. Let me know what you guys like about this update and what you don't!

Still working on the visuals and getting ready to add comment replying...

alonetone gets development help!

- posted by Sudara on October 14, 2008 - 8 comments -

I’m happy to introduce you to someone who has been making me smile a lot over the last week:

His name is Tien Dung.

About two weeks ago he sent me an email about helping out with alonetone programming.

I’ve received a handful of these emails, but nothing had come from it so far. Tien was different from the start. Before I even got the chance to respond, he already had invested hours into programming for alonetone. He was unafraid to jump in and get the work done. He didn’t need my help. He offered suggestions and then implemented them. He seems to be in love with making the code pretty and more maintainable (a huge benefit for alonetone in the long run) and knows his code.

Notably, he has also already made big changes (in the background) to alonetone that make it much easier for other interested programmers to check out the alonetone code and get involved.

Just take a look at the alonetone code history for the last few days. Sure, you might not understand what exactly is going on there, but one thing is clear: He is all over it.

Tien hails from Singapore and programs Ruby and Rails for a living. He keeps a blog about his programming insight and experiences.

It means a lot to me to introduce him to the musicians here. His work will be showing up shortly - in a matter of days he has fixed a number of outstanding buglets and rough corners and I can’t wait to get his changes live.

Ross Spencer

Ross Spencer said

Wow!, thank you Tien Dung, I can see your enthusiasm even in the activity posts on the programming page. I look forward to to feeling and seeing your work, although I appreciate much of it will be invisible to me partly because when things work we often don't notice. Thanks for your invisible hands.


tiendung said

I wrote on my blog that:

"Will alonetone be very successful or be failure? I don't care much. The point is that Sudara have been trying very hard to make his dream come true. And he need help, need to be understood, and to be inspired by other people.

I will do more work on back-end so Sudara have time to improve the design, refine the direction of alonetone and to create great songs."

It's my pleasure to work with Sudara and Samo to improve alonetone and listen to great music from alonetone musicians.

Johnny Stone

Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate thats a cool song monkey code

Guest said

Welcome Tien! I'm supper happy that someone is helping out with the code, really nice of you! Thanks a lot, and again, a very warm welcome!


glu said

YES, to parrot everyone's responses, thank you Tien and welcome to alonetone! We appreciate your help and hope to see more of your creative endeavors, both musically and cryptically in code! Cheers!

Guest said

Thank you new friend!!!


Sudara said

Some of Tein's new changes are live now! We also worked together on some subtle stuff regarding comments - You should be able to "just start typing" after hitting play to make a comment. Also, if you are in the middle of a comment while the next track is playing, it should keep the track open.

Piscean Dream Band

Piscean Dream Band said

Tien is the man!

Tracking alonetone development

- posted by Sudara on October 12, 2008 - 1 comments -

For anyone interested in what goes on behind the scenes at alonetone, you can take a look at my Calendar to see when I’ve made changes to the code:


This is a Jerry Seinfeld inspired thing - A big red X goes on the calendar for the days I’ve worked on the code, and the point is to build up a ‘streak’ - a number of days in a row that I’ve put in time and energy. The calendar doesn’t take everything into account, but hey, it gives a cool picture anyway. My longest ‘streak’ was 10 days.

As a lot of you guys know, alonetone is open source which means that

  • anyone can grab the source code and help us out with development and
  • the code is freely available for copying, modification, and as a reference/learning tool for other programmers

This attitude fits alonetone well. Our music is free, the home for our music is free and even the code our home is built on is free (It actually goes even deeper than this, but lets keep it there!)


tiendung said


I saw Sudara in 8th place of Longest Streaks at

It told that he push very hard for