Brett Warren

Brett Warren

from Bloomington, IL, US

All about Brett Warren

Hello! I’m Brett Warren. I thought about writing this summary in the third person as to seem more legit, but I knew people would see through my charade and call me a poser. Not a poseur (the good kind), but just a plain poser. Anyway, I live in the fabulous state of Illinois, on a balcony somewhere in Bloomington, where I record music in my secret factory. Sometimes I limp to the end of the driveway and then somersault to amaze onlookers before ushering them inside; where they discover (despite rumors) I have no chocolate. Join me in a musical journey, won’t you? Also, I disagree, I think bad grammar is one of the unsung staples of rock-stardom.
And remember, like James Ingram once said: “playing it cool won’t help you keep your love warm” …or some crap.
Follow me on the internet, won’t you.

Also: If anyone would like zipped WAV files of any of my albums just contact me and send a contribution of whatever you feel like through paypal.

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