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Let My Love Escort You Out

Brett Warren

lyrics for james…

mostly just jibberish train of thought

Women thumpin and gumpin, I say jump in
I’ve been seaside and jumpin
a-gonna hit that a runnin, you say you’d be too be
I heard a new kind of warning, he say go babe go babe

Turnin’ white bay
call me last all
who did he name?
on the stove babe

Went with someone with a high line on you and may know
I drew a light mustache
if it feels right at home
you see a leather bag with the radio on
you know when the sound breaks to hold my hair
flew away one night
have fun, baby

See me poppin’ and bumpin’, jumpin
kinda slip back a knowin’ that they owe me, owe me
no one’s stand right by me
at the flower riot
come and soap box me warning
warty , ruby, warning

Truth better need babe
right on land our
jungle go dere
ask and I’ll be there

I’m a signalling out a time
I can reel around you
I’m always undecided, yet to realize
I’m going round the same old, but maybe I’m home
you sue me with two lines that I’ll throw away
Fill me in and about time baby

You’ve been fruit bitten baby, bumpin
someone drove by the roses , holy rolly
gonna stomp my own feeling, if that’s ok, jump in
kinda goes when you stand there, with the boltin’
I assumed it’d last a while but now I
now my rings are cooling down
She’ll be carpetting thumpin’, in the open open
and now you’re trying to steal it, it’s just ok
grey in the avenue wind
so he moved out with nothin’
hear it all night long

Well, it started in your heart, you were free to die young
when did all this start? What’s it feel like?
loaded like a spring that’s a headed for embrace
one more match for me
hey, were you ever loved like that?

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Latest Comments

stoman said

Very unique … and psychedelic. All your songs remind me of bands like the Small Faces and the like …

Gary Fox said

This is a really cool number, Brett!

Brett Warren said

Thanks, Andrew!

Andrew Russe said

And this is amazing! Weird but utterly compelling.

Brett Warren said

thanks, Breaking Light and Vaisvil, preciate it.

vaisvil said

some original music here!

Breaking Light said

Delightfully offbeat!

Brett Warren said

Thanks, fudgetusk and proods

The Proods said

Been a while since I checked in, glad I did! This is so unique, I really dig it!!

fudgetusk said

weirdo cosmic

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