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Drop-D is the dub project of producer/bass player Scott A. Meister living on Mt. Fuji where he also runs a Bed & Breakfast with his wife on Lake Yamanaka (a.k.a. Yamanakako). C-4 is a studio jam.
This track was made for collaborative purposes. Looking for a slow build of layers. If you hear anything that you would like to add...feel free to do so, and send it back to me...or post it and let me know that you did. TANKS!
This is just a bit of silly fun I had one day with a four-track cassette recorder...about 9 years ago (yup...another lost find fro the racks). Just blowin' off some steam on a day off in my little apartment of Tokyo. On first…read more
It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I relocated to Hawaii and had to leave most of my studio and instruments behind, so I have nothing to make new music with. However, I did discover an old track while un-packing and consolidating my…read more
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