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Steppin' On Some Toes 032515

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Well, some folks got big noses
Some folks got big hats
Some folks stand out in the aisle
Make it hard to pass
Some folks they got money
They say, “That’s just how it goes.”
B7 A
They make it hard for folks like me
A Am Em
To keep from steppin’ on some toes

Some folks got big old cars. They drive them all around
Million-dollar mansions a hundred miles from town
Some folks, they got daughters
They think they smell like a rose
They make it hard for folks like me
To keep from steppin’ on some toes

Well, it’s easy to look happy. Put a smile upon your face
Wiping all the tears away. Never leave a trace
Some folks say they want the truth
I don’t think they do
B7 A Am
Everybody knows, you tell the truth
You start steppin’ on some toes.

Rich boy go to Harvard. Poor boy goes to war
Keep it safe for rich man’s daughter
You know that’s what he’s for. He’s Cannon fodder
That’s how the story goes
Makes it hard for folks like me
To keep from steppin’ on some toes
Makes it hard for folks with big feet
From steppin’ on some toes.

© 2015 Royal T Music

brownalien1's avatar
brownalien1 said

Great song , great lyrics, great vocals

Guest said

Loving this song ❤️

Guest said

Love it Jim!

Guest said

On the nail with the lyrics and great guitar tone. Nice harp work.

Guest said

Right on song, brother.

Guest said

A song for a revolution

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

Another classic! Awesome lyrics. Love this!!

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Cool song, and concept, I may take a shot at it.

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Aww love it to bits. The lyrics and their delivery are superb. I'm liking the wandering between major and minor in the chords.

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Great mix love it

Justin Otter Guy's avatar
Justin Otter Guy said

How are you producing the percussion sounds? I dig the distance and echo of it. This is a fabulous production -- I'm listening for the third time as I type this.

Justin Otter Guy's avatar
Justin Otter Guy said

A bit like Bob Dylan, a bit like Neil Young -- more Bob than Neil -- but the lyrics are really brilliant. Awesome performance. ROCK ON!