Greg Connor

Greg Connor

from the Sunny Side of the Street. . . Savage MN

About "BONANOS - Live"

MINNESOTA COFFEE TABLE with Colin, Scott, John, Colleen, Melissa & Greg

E I was in the jungle swinging in my tree
Everything was peaceful like it’s B7 supposed to E be
Chewing on bonanos in the afternoon
Little did I know it would be B7 ending E soon

E Along come gorilla and his motley crew
I had no idea that my B7 world was E through
He shook the branches rattled the vines
Scratched his ass and said this B7 tree is E mine

A Chewing on bonanos in the afternoon
It’s E pretty darn clear things are changing soon
He said A I don’t care how much you wine
E It’s an alternate fact this B7 tree is E mine

He said A oh by the way, it’s pronounced Bonanos
That E tasty fruit you eat B7 every E day
I can A throw my feces and I say it’s true
It’s E pronounced Bonanos, now B7 leave my E view

E He stomped around on the jungle floor
He said move along or you’ll B7 get some E more
Cause E Everybody loves me and I say it’s true
All of mine is bigger than the B7 likes of E you

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