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Leprechaun (Live)

Greg Connor

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Recorded live at the MINNESOTA COFFEE TABLE with Colleen Dillon and Mark Lofgren.

I was G wondering through the woodland on a C lovely springtime G day
When I Em spied him peaking at me from C behind the knurled D oak
So I G sprung myself and grabbed him C before he got G away
His Em arms and legs were C flailing as I D held him by the G coat

He was G just a little leprechaun a C practiced sycophant G
All Em wrinkled up and ugly and C dressed in forest D green
He G offered me three wishes if C freedom I would G grant
To Em simply let him C go and D never more be G seen

I A accepted those three wishes and D this is what I said

May my C path always be lovely and my G glass always be full
And Em Irish luck accompany me C wherever I may D go
If you G grant these 3 wishes I’ll C always call you G friend
I’ll Em spend my life C thanking you D until the bitter G end

I G think about him often that C little leprechaun G
I Em wish that I could tell him just how C happy he made D me
I G know I’ll never find him I C know that he is G gone
But Em when I go a C wondering I D look behind the G trees

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oldfolks2 said

Sounding good guys ...

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slkrell said

All wrinkled and ugly..... true poetry

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Ron said

Another great coffee table collaboration!! Fun

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Colleen Dillon said

Love the cover art on this playlist!!! Thanks for letting us play on this one Greg. Such fun!!!!! Perfect to hear this again as the snow flies (hopefully for the last time!)

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