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Yuletide Felicitations, HereComesThe Holiday

Greg Connor

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Here is my contribution to the “Minnesota Homebrew” song Challenge. The Theme is write a song using the word or theme “Holiday”.

Yuletide Felicitations

C Yuletide felicitations Em here F comes the C holiday
We’re baking Em treats to F eat along the G way
Am Cards to Em relatives to F whom we may not C see
F Wrapping up G presents to F place beneath the C tree

C Yuletide Felicitations Em here F comes the C holiday
Shopping mall Em crowded we F try to make G our way
Am We’re making Em endless lists as F if we had a C plan
F To make this G holiday, the F very best we C can

F Count down to G Christmas here C comes the holiday
F Every year G reminds me the C time just slips away
I F hope to share this G special wish with C everyone I can
F Yuletide Felicitations G here F comes the Holiday C

C Yuletide felicitations Em here F comes the C holiday
We’ll tie the Em tree on top the F family G Chevrolet
Am We’ll string the Em lights for F everyone in C town
F Make the time G special when F family comes C around

Latest Comments

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Bethan Mathis said

Nice one! Hope you had a good one over there.

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Colleen Dillon said

Awesome!!!!!!! That electric guitar sounds so cool! Love the oooh-ah's too! You are so fast on the writing. Great song!!!! I've got to get going on mine too!!!!

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Great song for the holidays!!! you now have a classic you will have to play every year PS: I guess my holiday song " Broke By Christmas " would not be acceptable or appropriate!! lol

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James Michael Taylor said

Very sweet song.

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