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Green Golem


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Guest said

Really cool track! Bass is heavy, build ups and synth are sweet!

Guest said

great sound, some old school GOA movement!!right on.

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Movement To Contact said

Not ususally my style of music, But i like it!!

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quill said

Wow! The balance between contrasting sounds here is so good it feels ridiculous even calling attention to it - there are always two very different tonalities and sonorities working against one another, building tension and then transitioning into a different pairing - really interesting and fun. Pretty highly evolved stuff, or at least it sits on my ear that way. Great development throughout the track.

Hydrographica's avatar
Hydrographica said

This is great, I hate to compare you to another artist, but it sounds very reminiscent of LFO.

Guest said

hey,thank you for your comment! This new old school beat,kicks and cuts perfectly dirty! Tuff and sweet,always a great combo!

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Gu Djin said

Eclectic arrangement of fun sounds. I really want that bass sound as a heartbeat motif for an idea I'm working on. Nice one. Cheers

Guest said

Beats that make me want to dance and dress like a mannequin, with pearls and lovely shoes. Very cool sounds! Completely agree with chimps8myears.

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another cultural landslide said

There's one patch in this song I'm trying to figure out HOW it was created! Very intriguing...

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one cool sounds mate. Thanks for your comments mate.

Guest said

the vocals slightly remind me of an old Zappa tune called What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?

Guest said

this is very good. Cool title too.

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

love babbling synth . love the pickup at :50 or so . Keeps it new . establishes then mixes it up . robo-songs rock . punkno .

Guest said

wild i like it.

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