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Two White Lightning


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boy named bri said

Digging on this one.

Guest said

Very Deep.

Guest said

nice stuff dAb!

Guest said

Thanks. I didn't know who David Lynch was until now. I looked him up and I find him very interesting. Thanks again.

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Acid42 said

Love those beefy acid synth lines. All I need now are glowsticks! Love this.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This is THE music to Rave to!!!!!! Perfect Vibe Bro!!!! Awesome Tune!

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Cave Street said


Guest said

:) Ooops. This is more like it.

Guest said

very hypnotic!!!

Guest said

in response to your comment about windup.. I have to ask Angie Fights Crime first. With his permission I will happily tighten it up and add to it. Loving your music too.

Guest said

It's odd, because I was going to say exactly what ic42 said... Can't hear enough songs about Mother Earth. Inspiring track! Great energy.

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Janus said

Quality! Good ol' planet Earth is also topic of my track "Drop The Pressure" :)

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