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This song, by singer/songwriter Stephen Speaks, is pretty much the story of my life. You know that inadequate feeling you get when you fall for someone that is way out of your league? That's this song. Original song by Stephen Speaks
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Acoustic cover of the massively popular Owl City song
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vaisvil said

tour de force!

Greg Connor said

Nice harmony!

Greg Connor said

This is a great song!

slkrell said

Ah open strings and harmonics and a fine mix. Nice

Greg Connor said

Every one of these songs is a gem.

I’m impressed.

Pretty new to the recording scene. I play piano and guitar mostly, and sing. All tracks are recorded entirely by myself, with the cheap recording equipment that I have. I play Rock, Pop, a little country and latin pop as well, with a dash of Christian Contemporary.

from British Columbia, Canada

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