from Swarthmore, PA, United States

About "Everything but You"

Just a song about everything
Everything but you

You are the only one
Who I’m connected to

I fantasize about the day that I walk free
Nobody to talk to only me

I look in the mirror
I see us as a pair

I wash your face as
You brush away my hair

A clear reflection of the way it’s always been
A clear reflection of a twin

A separation already being planned
A recreation as a solitary man

A day I’ve always dreamed is finally at hand
In the shadow of both of us
Stands the only truth

Too much time together
Gives the only proof

You may be my love but I can only know
If we’re separated and I go

We share a heartbeat
And possibly a mind

Every single thing we do
Is always intertwined

An intervention is now the only way
Both of us will see another day

Anesthetic is applied to dull the pain
A scalpel cuts apart an artery and vein

When we awaken we will never meet again

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